Posted on Jun 26, 2017


Talk unlimited for only $4.95 per month.

Offender connect customers use FREE FlyMobi phone numbers to set up advance pay accounts with because they wanted a lower rate.

Whether you use Offender Connect, GTL, IC Solutions, Jay Pay or any inmate phone service provider, we recommend that you use one of FlyMobi's free local numbers.

Doing this will cut your current rate up to 90%.

When offender connect customers open a friends and family advance pay account, offender connect bills them the rate based on the distance of the call.

Outsmart offender connect by opening a friends and family advance pay account, using a phone number that is considered local to the phone the inmate is dialling from.

All you do is,

1) Call 1-844-4-My-Jail

2) FlyMobi will give you a free phone number to set up with offender connect.

3) Pass your number on and start saving money on calls.

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